Whether you are seeking a suit, evening wear, Trousers or blouse; it’s all about the fit. With beautiful fabrics and expert craftsmanship, Thea and her team create unique pieces that can be customized to please your palette, figure and lifestyle.


Bring your ideas and together we’ll design the garment you’re seeking. We will brainstorm colours textures, fluidity, cut, style and accessories. I will sketch your unique design, we’ll choose the fabric and I will estimate the cost. Costing is based on materials and labour. With your approval and a deposit I will take your measurements and make a fitting schedule that works for you.


* It is important to come to fittings with the shoes and accessories you wish to wear.

First Fitting
I draft your design and sew it into a muslin. At this fitting we examine the lines and proportions, work the fit and details. (The muslin/mock-up is the instrument for us to detail our choices before cutting into the fine fabrics)

Second Fitting
We look at the adjustments to the mock up and continue to fine-tune the design of the garment.

Third Fitting
Your outfit is basted up in the chosen “real” fabric – in colour! We continue to pin and confirm necklines, sleeve and hem lengths, buttons and couturier details.

Fourth Fitting
Adjustments have been made and here we do a final check before finishing your garment!

Ideally the Process takes 3 to 5 weeks.