At Woven Streams the journey to your wedding day will be filled with confidence, excitement and joy. With our creative process there are no surprises. At every step along the way, we work together. We have experience working with all kinds of silk and lace, beading and fine couturier detailing.


A custom wedding dress is an opportunity to reflect outwardly the beauty and love you wish to share with your fiancé, your family and friends. Our design process translates your personal reflection into the gown for you. We will discuss and sketch and choose fabrics and colours until we say ‘yes this works!’ From here we schedule our fittings and plan the steps towards the creation of your gown.


*It is important to come to fittings with your wedding shoes and the undergarments you wish to wear.

First Fitting
Having taken detailed measurements I draft your design and sew it into a mock-up of your dress using a temporary fabric called a muslin. With the muslin we examine the lines and proportions, work the fit and explore the details.

Second Fitting
We look at the adjustments to the muslin and continue to fine-tune the shape of your dress. When we are both happy and confident, we prepare for the next stage which is finalizing the pattern and cutting into the real fabrics.

Third Fitting
Your dress is basted (loosely sewn) in your chosen fabrics with extra seam allowances and lengths to play with. In this fitting we truly perfect the fit and determine the final proportions and details.

Fourth Fitting
Almost finished! This fitting is about fine tuning. Its such a thrill experiencing haute couture!

Creating the perfect wedding dress takes time, I recommend 4 to 6 months from the first consultation to the final product.